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Tips for Entertaining Guests at Home
Image 27/11/2020 Entertainment Kathryn Dixon

Every once in a while, you find yourself entertaining guests at your home for parties, barbecues, and sleepovers. You get a sense of fulfillment when your guests have a wonderful time at your home. To thoroughly entertain and give your guest attention, you need to prepare your home for their comfort and your relaxation. Here are some tips to make guest-hosting easier:

Clean the House Thoroughly

clean the houseCleaning up the house will make your guests comfortable and make you feel at ease. It is best to start putting away all the clutter and fluff like toys and kids’ stuff to create space and room for guests to move freely. Clean out the washrooms, put away the personal property, and put some scented candles to give the room a fresh scent.

Stock up on clean linen to make things easier for you if it’s a sleepover. Clean up the floors of the rooms in your houses and vacuuming the carpets to make your home feel fresh and save you from embarrassment.

Prepare Enough Food and Beverages

prepare foods and drinksFood and beverages can stress you up if you do not have enough, and it would disorient you if you had to rush to prepare some more or run to the store for more drinks when the guests are around. Prepare a guest list and prepare food that is enough for all guests in your list and allowance for a few more to avoid disappointments.

You can have your guests bring some food or drinks to spice up the party and create an adventure and ease the burden of cooking, especially if you are busy or not very good at cooking.

Plan the Entertainment List

prepare entertainmentYou can do game nights, movie nights, or dances depending on your guests. Invite friends who know each other to make it fun and comfortable. You can also add guests who are good at breaking the ice or striking conversations to spice up the party. Have a good selection of music to make the place feel relaxing. The idea is to make your home entertaining for all guests.

Relax and Enjoy

Try not to be too focused on impressing your guests and forget to get entertained as well. Relax, set up everything before the guests arrive, and clean up and join the guests as soon as they come. Some guests may feel not welcomed if you do not spend enough time with them.

If there is too much to be done, you can hire or request someone to oversee the food, drinks, and making sure there is a flow of clean utensils throughout the party.…

The Best Ways to Entertain Guests During Your Special Event
Image 06/08/2018 Entertainment Michael Kenney

There are many ways to keep guests entertained during a function, special event or party. Guests attend parties with various ideas of entertainment on their minds. Whatever their preference, you can select a universal theme that will keep them entertained for hours on end. However, the real problem occurs in trying to find these ideas. The more equipped you are, the more appreciative your guests will be of your efforts. Aside from food and drinks, here are some of the best ways to entertain guests during your special event.

Use of Comedians

entertainersAn event isn’t one without some bit of laughter. Take your event to the next level and get in touch with the clean comedians or any other in your area. Be sure to try them out first before they go live to your audience. If you are persuaded that they can crack some ribs, have them on your list.

Since time immemorial, genuine comedians have had their way with crowds even in the most somber of moods. Don’t break the tradition by leaving them out in the cold.

Live Band

Every human being has a positive view and opinion regarding music. No one would dare say ‘no’ to some perfectly orchestrated music band. Some well-arranged instruments playing right in your presence is an exquisite delight. It might take a few weeks or even months to have this organized. You are better off when you make your bookings early as bands have their schedules to follow.

Music should be at the top of the list, and your guests will not think of leaving any time soon. Work closely with your special events organizers and see what they have to offer. At the same time, chip in with your very own ideas. This gets more fun when all the right people are actively involved.

Excellent Magician

magicThis depends on the nature of your special event. Your guests could do with the best magic performances. Get in touch with a credible magician who can do genuine magic tricks. Your guests should be enthralled by what they see rather than reserve blank expressions on their faces.

The best part about having genuine magicians on board is that your guests are lucky enough to participate actively. What better way to entertain your guests than this? They will definitely live to remember your special event and use it as a yardstick for all the others.

Organize Board Games

No matter what kind of special event you are hosting, no guest is ever too old for board games. On the contrary, they always look forward to new and unique ways of getting entertained. Sticking to the same old tricks will bore them all the more. To avoid this, come up with a few ideas on the boards that they can relate to.

This can probably come after your guests have eaten. There is no fun in playing and mingling on an empty stomach. Have them eat something first then the games can come later. Some of them have never engaged in any of these games. It would be a wonderful experience that would build up their enthusiasm.…