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4 Main Types of Videos Shared Online
Image 13/07/2018 Video Michael Kenney

Most people are inclined to watch a video than reading a script or content on the same subject. This is evidenced by the fact that YouTube along enjoys a massive 6-billion hours of viewership per month meaning that most users commit at least 40 minutes of viewing per session. Also, other video sharing sites and social media sites confirm that videos provide an excellent source of communication and entertainment. That said, here are some basic types of videos and some critical details on how they work.

Educations Videos

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As the name suggests, these types of videos are used for communicating new concepts. However, they tend to be more effective than print media considering that it involves our basic primary senses of sight and sound. As such, the use of vides makes learning more enjoyable – when the quality of the video is right. This goes a long way in increasing comprehension and retention of learned concepts.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos did exist, but their popularity continues to reach new heights thanks to the convenience offered by the internet. More marketers appreciate the role played by videos and have been quick to produce them in a way that addresses the interest of modern views – interesting to view and share.

Documentary Videos

Documentary videos are mostly used to document or review some aspect of reality. They use is often limited to the purpose of maintaining some historical record, educational purposes, and to offer some instruction. The ability to intergrade some entertaining aspects with information dispensing goes a long way in enhancing the effectiveness of a documentary. There are many genres of documentary films; you only need to pick the one that appeals to you most.

Entertainment Videos

video processingEntertainment videos are all about displaying the fun staff. Music videos, funny clips, reality shows, movies, reality shows, and wedding shows are some great examples of entertainment videos. The options are many here considering that entertainment videos do vary in scope and genre. As such, when producing entertainment videos, you need to understand the purpose, scope, and style you are working on and commit yourself to attain those standards.

All videos share a common goal – imparting knowledge with the target audience. Thus, you need to find a way of keeping your viewers engaged. Also, different genres tend to have some bias, and this is where video production services come in. A professional has the knowledge and experience needed to shape the message the end user receives in the best way possible.…