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Category: Photography

Choosing the Best Drone
Image 16/09/2018 Photography Michael Kenney

If you spend time looking for a drone to buy, you will notice that there are a lot of options to choose from. They come in every size and price range than you can imagine. They also have different features, and as a result, when selecting a drone to buy, it is crucial to think about your abilities as well as needs when it comes to flying the drones. The following are tips that can help you choose the right drone for you.

The Purpose for the Drone

drone with camera

There are a lot of things you can do with drones. Some of them can be flown indoors while others will work only outside. Some will do tricks and flips whereas other allow you just to take videos and photos. The type of photography and videography you can accomplish also varies depending on the drone you purchase. You, therefore, need to decide on how you intend to use then narrow down the choices to drones that will work well for you.

Skill Level

The first thing you need to do when looking for a drone is to go for one within your level of skill. Drones may be hard and easy to fly. All this depends on the features they come with and their design. You can get a drone that is suitable for children to fly and those that call for skills of an expert. The type you choose depends on how well you will manage the drone.

For example, if you are buying for a kid, you need to select one that is sturdy, inexpensive and has safety features. This type needs to be easy to use to accommodate the kid’s level of skill. If you are an expert then a drone that has more advanced features which allow you to use your skills.

Required Features

white droneBesides choosing drones which fit your skill level and do whatever you want it to, you need to go for one with specific features that you require. Drones come with different features which make them perform differently. For example, most drones come with a camera. The exact specs of the cameras, however, differ as do other features like the size, type of controller and battery type. When selecting a drone, you, therefore, need to choose one that has the features you desire. If you want to fly right away, then a ready to fly type is ideal, and for photos, you can choose one with a high-quality camera.

Affordability and Quality

Price is a consideration when buying a drone. Deciding the price range when purchasing a drone can be overwhelming since the price ranges vary a lot. They can cost from a few dollars to several thousand dollars. Your budget needs to limit your choices somewhat. It is vital however to balance the affordability, and the quality of the drone you choose to buy as one drone may be cheap but not meet your criteria.


If you look for drones which fit your skill and purpose, then you can find one which is easy and also rewarding to use. Use these tips to get the right drone for your needs.…

Advantages of hiring professional photographers
Image 30/06/2018 Photography Michael Kenney

Everyone wants to have memories of their events. These memories are seen through the evidence of pictures. Events like weddings, funerals, birthdays, baby showers and farewell parties are all worth remembering in life. Without taking photographs in your event, everything will be a history. It is therefore advisable to look for Bergen County Wedding Photography experts in any of your events for quality photographs. The following are some of the advantages of hiring professional photographers in your event.


Most professional photographers are experienced in their work because they have been doing the same things camover a longer period. This means that they know what tips to use to produce quality work for their clients. Through the experience and expertise, professional photographers will always do their best to meet the client`s expectations regarding delivery time, quality and availability.

Variety of photography

Many professional photographers have a variety of photography. They have both colored and black and white photography to be used in various events. They can also advise which kind of photography is fit in each event, and the different styles of posing for photos. They have their own unique creativity that can be used to go hand in hand with what you require. This is a major benefit that professional photographers have the ordinary ones.

Peace of mind

During any life event, all that one requires is peace of mind for the day to go on swiftly. By hiring professional photographers, you will not have to worry about supervising their work and following them each step of the way. This is because they have skills and competence that enable them to perform their duties swiftly. You will have a peace of mind knowing that the task will be done as expected.

Excellent customer services

photographer Another advantage of hiring professional photographers is that they have perfect customer services over the ordinary photographers. They know how to handle different types of customers. People can be annoying and nagging during the process of the photo shoot. Professional photographers have skills of handling such people with a lot of care and concern. This makes them gain more customers who believe in them.

Reliable and convenient

Nothing satisfies anyone like dealing with a reliable person. This is because you can be sure they will rarely let you down. Most Professional photographers are trustworthy and convenient. After making all the necessary arrangements, you can easily rely on them to perform the given task. In case of any changes, you only communicate to them through phone, and they do the work as instructed.…