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Improving Your Gaming Experience
Image 19/12/2018 Gaming Kathryn Dixon

Gaming tends to be perceived as a child’s thing, or perhaps what teenagers do when they’re not studying. Nowadays, gaming is broader, it’s for everyone, and some people even make a living out of it from competitive gaming and by streaming. Perhaps you’re reading this article because you’re a gamer or a streamer, or maybe both. In hopes of finding a way to improve your gaming experience, we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve written some things that you can get and some things that you can do to improve your gaming experience. Make sure to read this article, fellow gamer!


gearsA broken mouse or a cheap monitor will ruin your gaming experience, especially when you almost win the game! So, a tip from us to improve your gaming experience is to make sure that you have the appropriate gears to play your game. If you don’t know where to start, make sure to start from the essentials, mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Believe it or not, a 1080p monitor can give you a better experience while gaming, and at the same time, the better refresh rate will provide you with a smoother visual, pleasing to the eye.

Air Condition

When playing massive triple-A games, your computer will be working twice or even triple than it used to which means it can be quite hot. Having a hot computer can make for a warm room as well, at the same time it can damage your computer if it’s too hot, so consider having an AC if it’s hot on where you live. At the same time, you can’t focus when you’re sweating right?


If you’re playing a game with your friends, you need to communicate with them, and we suggest that you buy a microphone. There’s a lot of cheap mics out there in the market so that you can grab one right away. If you’re not a fan of standing mic, consider getting a headphone with a microphone attached or built in the headphone itself.

Gaming Chair

So, a gaming chair, do you need it? There’s a lot of debate over this gaming chair, whether someone needs it or not because it’s not cheap. There’s a lot of reasons on why someone needs a gaming chair, such as for health reason because regular chair might not support your back for extended hours of gaming. Or perhaps you want to fill your room with gamer aesthetic things; then you probably need one.…