Tales from my Ovaries: Relaxing and Waiting

Happy Saturday! For those of you that didn’t read my updated comment on my previous post, Maybe Baby, here it goes…

I posted that entry on Wednesday night and I did call the doctor first thing Thursday morning. I explained what was going on, how I was feeling, my symptoms and about taking way too many home pregnancy tests (HPT). The nurse said it’s very possible I could be pregnant and that my levels just aren’t high enough to be detected yet. She also said there’s a good chance that I just “skipped” a period. WTF.

Momma always told me if you were late you were knocked up. I’m pretty sure she lied to me. She also said that I’d burn in hell if I had premarital sex (which I tested, and I’m burn free!). [Read more...]

Conceive Easy Review

Conceive Easy TTC Kit is little gift from Heaven for any woman that has been trying to conceive. My husband and I have been married for almost nine years and have been trying to get pregnant for about seven of those years.

Conceive Easy is a very simple system and gave my husband and I hope to bring a little one home one day. I opened the box and here’s what’s inside:

  • Getting Stated Calendar
  • Conceive easy Months 1 and 2
  • 10 Ovulation Tests
  • 10 Early Pregnancy Tests
  • Digital Thermometer

Let me start with the two bottles you see of Conceive Easy Advanced Conception. One bottle is month one and the second is of course month two. While this pill can’t teat or cure any disease, they’re all natural reproductive support for you body. You take one pill once a day with a meal and I have had zero side effects. No headaches, no tummy aches, nothing. Plus, these are safe with any of your prescription and non-prescription medications. Double bonus!

There’s no waiting to start the Conceive Easy program either. You can start any time of the month and during any day of your cycle but usually you need to allow 4-6 weeks for results.

TTC Kit 300x250

While this product may not work for everyone, my husband and I have high hopes. I’ve been taking the Fertibella fertility pills for about three weeks now and we’re still praying for the best. The Conceive Easy reviews and videos on Conceive Easy speak for themselves, lots of women have been blessed with children with the help of this system.

Since the Conceive Easy comes with ten of each the ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, you’re saving a ton of money. Hubby and I used to joke that we needed to take out stock in pregnancy tests! LOL! I swear, we’ve went through so many over the years!

These ovulation and free pregnancy tests are great and work perfectly. We’re not pregnant yet, but with the help of Conceive Easy, we’re on the right road!