Facebook Party!! Tomorrow (12/4) from 2-6pm EST

You’re invited to join us for Mommy Lesson Plans’ Holiday Facebook Bash! Everyone is welcome!

All you need to do is join the event HERE and then pop back to that page anytime from 2-6pm EST for your chance to win. We’re sure to have a great time, Nancy is a wonderful friend and has a ton of great prizes lined out!

Check out some of the prizes here:

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

How to Win Giveaways

I would never call myself a pro at winning things, but I’ve definitely won my fair share of awesomeness through blog giveaways. Some of the highlights are a Litter Robot II, SodaStream, skin care products, candles, food, snacks, coupons, DVDs, books, CDs, toys, clothes, pens, gift cards, paypal cash and more.

The trick to winning giveaways?

Be persistent!

First things first…

Email IconDo you have an email you check daily? If not, get one! You’ll want to be checking this email every single day, no exceptions! Most giveaways offer extra points for subscribing to their blog posts. This just means that you’ll get an email every time they post and/or a daily digest of their posts. This can be annoying with some sites, but honestly I enjoy reading the posts most of the time. Usually they’re about coupon match-ups, giveaways, tips, life, funny stories, etc. Checking this email is SO important! That’s how you’re notified if you’re a winner 95% of the time! You have to get that email and reply within a certain amount of time, typically 24-48 hrs. after the host sends the email out with your mailing information and whatever else is requested. Stay on top it! I’m serious… you don’t want to check your mail once a week and realize you’ve missed an awesome prize because you forgot to check your email.

Facebook IconDo you have a Facebook page? If not, get one! And if you don’t have one, I’m pretty sure you’re the last one in the world. (Except my Dad, who refuses to get a “FaceSpace”.) Go… go now! You’ll make tons of friends along the way, and if you’re like me you like to talk and be sociable so it’s just more fun with more friends. Plus, you’ll find out about special deals, coupons, sales, etc. through the blogs you’ll be following.

Twitter IconDo you have a Twitter account? If not, get one! Twitter isn’t as popular to most as Facebook, but it can be just as much fun. You’ll need this to follow bloggers and to tweet their giveaway posts for extra points. Trust me, take the time to do this! Most bloggers hosting giveaways have the “Tweet About The Giveaway” entry option and usually it’s worth extra points (I’ve seen up to 25 extra entries!!). The best part of tweeting about the giveaway is that most hosts let you come back and do this daily! So that’s extra points every dang day!! Sweet, huh? We’ll come back to Twitter in a second when we talk about revisiting sites so stay tuned!

Google Plus IconDo you have a Google+ account? If not, get one! This is just another way to get easy points and find out about giveaways and specials, sales and more! Google+ is pretty much Google’s version of Facebook. It’s not my favorite, but I do use it a lot to follow bloggers and friends.

Pinterest IconDo you have  a Pinterest account? If not, get one! Pinterest is SO addicting! Crafts, recipes, funny pictures, DIY projects, photography, decorating tips, etc. It’s information overload on super cool stuff you’ll want to do yourself. You’ll get extra points for following some blogger’s Pinterest account and/or pinning something from their site. If you need an invite, please email me directly and I can get you one right over!

That’s the basics! Once you get all of those ducks in a row, you’re on your way to winning. Please remember, they’ll be other ways to enter as well like leaving comments, following on Google Friend Connect, Linky Follows, Voting on Picket Fences, etc. Those things are hit and miss and are very easily understood so you can find your way there. If you do need help, email me and I can help you more with something specific.

Now, on to finding awesome giveaways!

You can find giveaways anywhere! Facebook, Twitter , Google+, Web Searches and more. I’m very accustomed to my own system and that’s with my bookmarks (aka favorites) in my internet browser. Do yourself a favor and start a folder in your bookmarks for giveaways. They’re sites all over the place and you’ll want to bookmark your favorites so you can visit them often!

Here’s my favorites!

Africa’s Blog

Tight Wad in Utah

Airplanes and Dragonflies

Tethered Mommy

Coupons and Friends

and of course my page, Aunt Maggie Rocks

So here’s more Twitter talk… Twitter is a GREAT way to find out about giveaways too! In your search bar on your Twitter page, type in low entry giveaways, giveaways, Litter Robot, Sodastream, etc. You’ll get a ton of hits! These hits are from other folks on Twitter who have tweeted about a giveaway or are talking about the product. Yes, you’ll have to read through some just talking about a product, but there are tons of gems hidden.

Try it… type low entry giveaways into your Twitter search and start reading. They’ll be tons of folks promoting their giveaways that may only have a few hundred entries. What’s this mean? MORE CHANCES OF WINNING! The odds are in your favor! Get in there and enter! Spread the word to your friends. Not only are you entering for a really cool prize, you’re helping out this blogger!

Each blog I’ve seen does their giveaways differently. Some use Rafflecopter, some use Giveaway Tools and some use the Comment Method. My favorite is Rafflecopter, followed closely by Giveaway Tools. Rafflecopter is simple! If you’re logged into your Facebook account, it automatically connects so you never have to enter your name or email. It pulls that straight from Facebook, so be sure the email your facebook account is linked with is one you check frequently. Giveaway Tools is very similar but you have to manually type in your name and email.

The giveaway programs will almost always launch automatically when you open that page and are most likely located towards the end of the post. Follow each simple step and be sure you’re following the directions they give. Every blogger verifies entries, so if you say you “like” a page on Facebook, make sure you do! If not, this can disqualify you from winning. Don’t feel obligated to do entires you don’t want to do… just remember, that’s just less chances for you to win.

One entry I think is the easiest is the “Tweet About This Giveaway” button. Like I said earlier, this is usually worth a few good entries, depending on the hosts preferences. This is simple! Be sure you’re logged into your Twitter account and click TWEET on the Rafflecopter. This will open a separate smaller window. Now get ready, this might take a few tries to master because sometimes the window disappears fast! Hit the TWEET button and as soon as that page reloads and you see “View It On Twitter ” right click and copy the link. You have to be fast, but that’s the quickest way to copy the link. Then you need to paste the link in the Rafflecopter form where it requests you to paste the tweet URL. Now if you’re not fast enough or you misfire, that’s easy too. Go to your Twitter page and just copy and paste the link from there.

Another reason why you should do the tweeting entries? It’s easy to keep track of the giveaways you’ve entered. As I go through the day, I tweet every giveaway I enter. That way tomorrow when I’m wanting to go back and enter again to get my daily entries that they offer, all I have to do is go through my Twitter feed. Simple, right? That saves you from bookmarking or writing down (agh! Who does that anymore?!) the entire web address where the giveaway was located.

Move through your feed and click on the links in the Tweets and you’re in business.

Be Persistent! If you see somthing you want, go back every single day that giveaway is live and get any daily entries you can! Examples are giving Klout to the blogger, voting for them on Picket Fences, tweeting about the giveaway and other really easy options. Do this! Come back every day and grab those! They’re easy, the hard part is over! You’ve left the comment on the blog, you’ve liked them on Facebook, you’ve followed them on Twitter … get in there and get the prize you want!

The more persistent you are, the more likely you are to win. Don’t give up if you don’t win something in the first month. There’s five thousand other folks entering too. It takes time and eventually you’ll win something great… I did!

Finally, don’t be shy about leaving comments for bloggers. We love when you read our reviews and blog posts. Leave us your input, your feelings or just say “hey”. Tell us what you want to see more of or if you specifically love a product we’ve reviewed.

If y’all have any questions on entering giveaways, please leave a comment below and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

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