Washable Pee Pee Pads For Dogs Review

whiskers creationsStore bought pee pee pads are thin and rarely help with the odor of urine so I was stoked to try out Whiskers Creations Washable Pee Pee Pads!

Being a dog owner has it’s ups and downs, and when you rescue abused dogs, you take on a whole new responsibility. We rescued our Toby, a miniature dachshund, in the Spring and he was extremely emaciated, malnourished and terrified of any human. One of his idiosyncrasies is that he is terrified of peeing outdoors. We’re not sure why, but we’re assuming it has to do with the abuse he suffered.

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PSCPets Joint Support for Dogs Review!

lilyWhen my sweet miniature dachshund Lily was about 6 months old, she broke her hind leg. Since then, she limps or carries that leg when its cold outside, the weather changes, its raining or she over exerts herself. I thought PCSPets Joint Support for Small Dogs would be perfect for my sweet baby, and boy was I right!

Over the winter Lily, now four years old, started carrying her leg more and more. I started her on PCSPets Joint Support as soon as it arrived in the mail and I’m so happy to say the improvement is amazing.

Lily would often whine or yelp when she was picked up wrong or if she jumped off of something. She hasn’t yelped at all since about day three of the PSCPets soft chews. The first few “doses” weren’t easy, I had to smoother the chew in peanut butter but every day it was easier. Now Lily takes it like a normal treat, with a grin! [Read more...]

Neater Feeder Review + Giveaway! Ends 3/19

Dogs and cats may be sweet and loving, but my furbabies are a hot mess! My miniature wiener dog Lily and three cats, Fuzz, Koli and Vern make such a huge mess when they’re eating. I’m not sure if they think they’ll starve or they just get so excited they can’t stand it.

Koli, my 21-pound Maine Coon cat is the biggest of my furbabies and a cat food connoisseur. This same beast will jump on my chest and bite my fingers while I’m sleeping if his bowl is half empty. If he can see the bottom of the bowl, I know I have to dump more in for him. This is where Neater Feeder is a lifesaver!

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Pawalla Review + Giveaway! 3 winners! Ends 12/19

Pawalla brings more happiness into pet owners’ homes with their monthly deliveries. The goodies packed inside their boxes are hand selected by pet nutritionist Dr. Susan Lauten. Selections of delicious wet foods, toys, treats and supplements are targeted for your cat or dog and their size.

Lily loves to get presents in the mail, so check out what she got in her Pawalla box!

 She got two toys, a big bag of healthy bones, pill buddies, a bully stick, odor and stain remover and two full size cans of dog food. [Read more...]

Sleepypod Air Giveaway! Ends 10/31

Sleepypod Air Giveaway

Sponsored by Sleepypod. Hosted by Sumner Six.

Co-hosted by Aunt Maggie Rocks, Capri’s Coupons, Corgi Coupons, Sweet Pea Savings.

Here’s a great giveaway that’s all about your furbabies! Dogs and cats alike will love their new “ride”. Enter below for your chance win!

You can read the review of the Sleepypod Air on Sumner Six here.

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