Pinterest Stupidity #10: Fashion Edition

I’m no expert on fashion, but I definitely know stupid when I see it. Browsing the Pinterest today I found way too many fugly dresses that I had to share. This shall be a rapid fire version of Pinterest Stupidity, so hang on tight…

flashback dress

Your hair… it’s stupid. That dress is stupid. My eyes are confused. Stop it.

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Pinterest Stupidity #9

Dear sweet, innocent Pinterest users… you’re now under my verbal attack. I found a few little nuggets to laugh at today, so I thought I’d share.

The caption under this picture was “Baked Banana Chips! Toddlers love ‘em”. No… no, they don’t. You know what toddlers love? Candy, and lots of it. Don’t waste your time making this crap, just buy a bag of Twizzlers, they have zero fat and keep them chewing so there’s less crying. Terrible twos=solved.

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Pinterest Stupidity #8

Check out these little gems I found today…

Today we start with homemade PopTarts. If you have the time, energy and money to make these little treats go for it. However, us normal people will hit the cereal aisle and just pay $2 for a box when they’re on sale. Stupid ‘lil Betty Crocker wannabees. A side note, Betty Crocker forgot the damn icing… it’s the best part!!!!

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Pinterest Stupidity #7

With firearm season opening this Saturday for deer hunting, I dedicate this first stupid ass Pinterest pin to my husband.

This 8-point buck is an “abomination” according to my dear honey.

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Pinterest Stupidity #6

Let’s start today’s installment with this little gem, shall we?! I’m sure this girl is very pretty, but come on people! What the fuck is all of this glittery blood paint?! Next, her neck looks WAY to long, and some vampire is likely to take her for her next meal. Look out, Edward or whatever his name is will be sniffing on ya. As a side note, this chick needs to eat a cheeseburger.

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Pinterest Stupidity #5

Some days I wonder what kind of weirdos I’ve randomly followed on Pinterest. Or, what what my friends are drinking when they’re pinning some of the stupidest shit I’ve seen. Today’s installment will feature poo, stupid shoes, weirdo Photoshopping and more. Intrigued, aren’t ya?!

We begin with this random, extremely fugly shoe. I reckon if you want to break your neck quickly or scare any single fellas away, this is the way to go. I don’t understand why my fellow women think they need to torture themselves! These aren’t even freakin’ cute!

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Pinterest Stupidity – Goldfish

Oh my Jesus… It’s sad that someone took the time to devise and break down the recipe for Goldfish crackers. My nephews love these things and I’d just do about anything they’d ask of Aunt Maggie… except to make stupid ass Goldfish crackers from scratch.

Really people? It’d take less time to just drive to the store and grab a few boxes. Spending time mixing, rolling out the dough, cutting out tiny ass fish shapes and baking these is way too much damn work. Go to the grocery store. They’re in the cracker aisle.

Daily Pinterest Stupidity

Happy Hump Day y’all! Hope these give you a chuckle…

What the hell is wrong with you people? Really? You took the time to make this stupid ass game when you could have been sitting around drinking beer and shootin’ the shit. Jesus, it’s a giant version of a child’s game. Actually, you know what… maybe these people were drunk when they said heyyyyyy, let’s put some balls in a wire cage wiff some sticks! LOL

Does this qualify as porn? It makes me feel dirty. Damn whorish outfit. Her snatch will be flapping in the wind if that “dress” sways the wrong way. Whore.

Daily Pinterest Stupidity

I love finding stupid things and stupid people on Pinterest! Sadly, I find so many more than what I post… I could fill up an entire pickle jar with the craziness. Here’s a few of today’s favorites…

Nooooooooooooo! That’s just a waste of good freakin’ crayons! You can tell they’re not used, old or anything! I may cry…. you just don’t destroy good crayons people.

What is it with girls trying to break their damn ankles?! And if you’re gonna do it, Jesus pick something cute. These are hideous! I can’t imagine paying for this shit.

And then there was this douche. Take a look at those implants sitting there. They look like hunks of ice or something hard and plastic. I don’t think they’d move if you shifted your body. God forbid someone punch you in the gut, they’d probably slam into your kidney and bust it up. Then the final picture in the collage looks totally stupid. Stupid. Stupid. They don’t even look real. Go to the gym dude and you can grow your own six-pack. OR buy one of those shirts that just has them painted on. You know, the ones you see fat guys wearing at the beach? Sexy!

Daily Pinterest Stupidity

I’m pretty sure way too many people waste time on Pinterest. It’s not just me… At least I don’t pin stupid shit. The following examples fall into my stupid category…

Introducing, I Love You Brass Knuckles! Who would wear these stupid ass things? If you did you’d basically be gluing two fingers together and how on earth could that be comfortable. Plus, they looking fucking stupid. Give it up.

Alright hipsters… I know you’re all into guys wearing skinny jeans, having Beiber hair and smoking reefer, but come on!  I’ll give you your Beiber hair and reefer, but give up the stupid ass pants. The shorts shown below are almost as bad as skinny jeans. They’re not attractive. Never have I seen a man wearing shorts similar to these and thought… “Whew… he’s a stud, let me hit that!” Stupid.

I do not wear heels. I’m not a girly girl and I chose not to wear these sorts of things because I don’t want to break a damn ankle. Plus, how can these be comfortable? To top it off, they’re freakin’ fugly. Lord knows the people wearing these would have perfectly manicured toes and those hideous flowers would just cover them up. Also, I hope you only plan on walking on clouds or something really fucking clean because those will get dirty in a heartbeat. Stupid.