A very tired ‘ole girl

This week has been hectic to say the least! I was off work on Tuesday to run the One-Legged Wonder to the doctor in Indianapolis, so that put me behind in my work the rest of the week. Not to mention that I needed to leave early on Thursday and be off again on Friday. Sometimes there’s no point in stressing…

Speaking of stressing, I had a small panic attack while we were at the doctor’s office on Tuesday. I’m not sure what set it off, my anxiety has been a little out of whack the past few weeks. I remember being really hot and there were way too many people in that small office. After that, it’s kind of a blur. I tried my best to calm myself down, which I’ve perfected when the panic attack is in the very early stages.  [Read more...]

Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator Saves Money and Headaches!

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Over the past few years, I’ve spent more time in hospitals, doctor’s offices and emergency rooms than anyone ever should. Between my Mom’s cancer and my dad’s diabetes, vascular disease and amputation, most weeks have at least one, if not more, visits to the doctor.

Medical costs are outrageous, but to be honest, we want the best trained professionals working on us, right? I’d like to think all that money goes to ensuring my parent’s treatment is topnotch. Have you ever had to pay for a doctor’s appointment out of pocket with no insurance? The cost is almost obscene!!

Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator puts things into perspective! Did you know that the average cost to treat a child’s broken leg is over $15,000 without insurance? Check out this screen grab I took!

aflac broken leg

It’s amazing when you break down the cost of the emergency room, doctor visits, cast, prescriptions, etc. The Aflac Real Cost Calculator has more than just examples of prices for broken legs… Check out the costs of Asthma, diabetes, cancer, heart attack and more. Aflac has answers and by clicking on “How Aflac Can Help”, they’ll explain what their insurance policies can do to protect you and your family.

Get a quick, free quote and put your mind at ease.

Does Aflac mean business? Yes! Are they legit? Absolutely! From 2000-2010, Aflac paid approximately 6 million people cash for non-wellness claims. Amazing! Think how many families were saved by this single company.

After some research I discovered that medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy. When my husband was laid off in the fall, I prayed every night that God would protect us. I didn’t think I could afford something major to happen to him without insurance… Boy, do I wish I had known about Aflac. These plans are affordable and they have a great staff to answer any of your questions.

Tales from my Ovaries: Tampon Nightmares

Warning: The following blog entry includes lady talk. You’ve been warned.

When I hit puberty, my mom (aka Judy Smooth) repeatedly told me never to wear tampons. She claimed they were gross and would give you “the toxic shock syndrome”. If you notice, I put that phrase in quotes because Judy Smooth has her own version of the English language. As I mentioned in previous posts she has various antidotes and putting “the” before things is just one of the many. For example, she might say, “Mary called yesterday and her sister Beatrice has THE cancer”. Emphasis on the “the”.

Anyways, I never wore tampons. Ever. I survived by using maxi pads until the rightful age of 29. I missed many a swimming activity because Aunt Flo stopped by for a week long visit. A few months ago, I thought what the hell and tried out a free sample of tampons I received in the mail. [Read more...]

Tragedy in Connecticut

Another mass shooting has shaken the nation, but hit a little harder today since such young lives were taken. According to CNN at 6:04 p.m. CST, 20 school children and 6 adults are dead after a gunman stormed an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

What on earth came over this gunman to open fire at an elementary school? My heart aches for the families, friends and co-workers of the victims. These innocent “babies” did nothing wrong and yet, they were taken from their parents today. [Read more...]

Tales from my Ovaries: Game Over

Those of you following along on my ovary adventure… here’s the update.

Things didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but life goes on. I started having some really sharp pains on Wednesday morning so I called the doctor. They scheduled me to come in for an appointment with the doctor and some bloodwork on Thursday. They did warn me that if the pains got worse or I started bleeding to go to the ER immediately. [Read more...]

Tales from my Ovaries: Relaxing and Waiting

Happy Saturday! For those of you that didn’t read my updated comment on my previous post, Maybe Baby, here it goes…

I posted that entry on Wednesday night and I did call the doctor first thing Thursday morning. I explained what was going on, how I was feeling, my symptoms and about taking way too many home pregnancy tests (HPT). The nurse said it’s very possible I could be pregnant and that my levels just aren’t high enough to be detected yet. She also said there’s a good chance that I just “skipped” a period. WTF.

Momma always told me if you were late you were knocked up. I’m pretty sure she lied to me. She also said that I’d burn in hell if I had premarital sex (which I tested, and I’m burn free!). [Read more...]

Tales from my Ovaries: Maybe baby…

Pregnancy is always a touchy subject for me since I’ve wanted my own little bundle of joy for such a long time. As I mentioned in my review of Conceive Easy, hubby and I have been trying to conceive for quite a while. That said… I shall speak from my ovaries. Or uterus. Or whatever. It’s comin’ from down yonder…

Warning: If you’re a man, you may want to stop reading. This might get too girly for ya, so if you want to bail, I understand. I plan on discussing my va-jay-jay, periods and breasts. You’ve been warned. Also, to my brother, please stop reading here.  [Read more...]

Are you ready for CYBER MONDAY? You need this!

With Cyber Monday only a few hours away, be sure you sign up for EBATES!

I’ve been using it for ages and you get money back on everything you buy through their stores. Don’t worry, most stores are on the list! Last week I made $8 in cash back alone.

Sign up here!

Then when you’re ready to go shopping, log into Ebates and find your store and get to shopping. Be sure you go to Ebates first and then your store, you don’t want to miss that cash back!! There are even some sites offering double cash back. It’s a sweet deal and will really add up with your holiday shopping.

PunchTab Tips!

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Our newest family member, Lily

When it comes to animals, I can’t say no. I love all animals with the exception of snakes. Me and snakes do NOT get along. That said, last week I took in our newest family member, Lily Beans.

[Read more...]