Starfire Cigs Review + Giveaway! Ends 8/8

starfire cigs 1As our great country continues to look towards a healthier future, public cigarette smoking is becoming a thing of the past. Restaurants, bars, convenience stores, parks and various other businesses have nixed smoking within their buildings and within so many feet of entrances. For smokers like myself, this is a kick in the pants to quit and/or switch to electronic cigarettes.

maggie smoke starfire cigStarfire Cigs give smokers the freedom to smoke almost anywhere! Enjoy your smoke without the ash, tar and unpleasant smell. Your lungs will be cleaner and your clothes will smell better with an electronic cigarette. You can smoke an e-cig almost anywhere since the odorless vapor is environmentally friendly.

maggie lit up starfire cigStarfire Cigs has a unique design that sets them apart from other e-cigs. The white kit features a white cigarette with a red diamond tip and the black kit features a black cigarette with a blue diamond tip. Both are very popular and stylish!


All of Starfire Cigs‘ cartridges are filled with American made vegetable glycerin, not propylene glycol used in other brands. In case you don’t recognize propylene glycol, it’s found in anti-freeze! Say no to the other brands!!!

Speaking of cartridges, wait until you see their list of flavors!

starfire cigs flavors

Every cartridge is smooth and is available in nicotine levels from zero to strong. My favorites are the cherry blast and menthol ice with appletini and watermelon splash as close runners-up. I tried all of the flavors in “strong” since I am a daily smoker and they were a perfect fit, so I’d suggest for folks like me to start with strong and work your way down to zero.

starfire cigs whats inside

Starter kits are available for only $59.95 and include a personal charging case that looks like a pack of cigarettes, two rechargeable batteries, one wall charger, one USB charger and a free pack of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice. Starfire Cig starter kits are available in black and white.

starfire cigs pack

The Starfire Cigs batteries hold a great charge and the case is so handy! I love that I don’t have to plug in my cigarette every day. The carrying case doubles as a charger!! When it does get low, I screw it into the case and use the other battery. It charges right there in the cigarette pack and is ready to go soon. Plus, the case holds six extra cartridges so you’re always prepared. Very convenient!!

Overall, Starfire Cigs are the best e-cigarettes I’ve used, and I’ve tried a bunch! They’re strong enough to handle every nicotine urge and they have fun, tasty flavors if you’re looking to step outside of your comfort zone.

Want to try Starfire Cigs for yourself?

starfire cigs winner pkg

Enter below for your chance to win the black starter kit + four flavors! The flavors included with the kit are two premium tobacco packs, one Turkish tobacco and one juicy peach. Cool, huh?!

This giveaway is open to entrants 18 years of age and older in the USA. All entries will be verified. One winner will be chosen on 8/9/2013 and emailed. That winner will have 48 hrs. to respond before another winner is chosen.



  1. Gina Brickell says:

    Yes, I would love to quit.. I’ve tried a bunch of times already.. I’d like to try the regular tobacco..

  2. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Yes, I would like to because it’s a horrible habit. I’d like to try menthol

  3. Mary Williams says:

    I would love to quit smoking so I can be healthy for my son!

  4. Helen May says:

    I need to quit to improve my health. I think I’d want the regular flavor although my husband likes various flavors. Thanks

  5. i would love to try menthol!

  6. I haven’t really put my mind to quitting lately. I’d like the Menthol in strong.

  7. Holly Thomas says:

    I really need to quit, I would love to try the Turkish blend!

  8. chelesa sims says:

    I want to quit for my health.I would love to try the menthol Ice

  9. I’ve been wanting to try one of these ecigs

  10. I’d love to win this to give it a try. The cherry blast sounds awesome.

  11. Diana Devlin (@DianaDevlin) says:

    I think ecigs are an incredible tool to help quit smoking. I want to breathe easier and not smell like stale cigarettes. Menthol would be my choice to try!

  12. BOBBI WALKER says:

    on two of the “likes” say confirmed but a sign comes up telling me I need to click on LIKE…..can you help me?

  13. I would love to quit and the cherry sounds great.

  14. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would like to have this for my sister. She is in her 30s and started smoking when she was about 12. She wants to stop

  15. Dorothy Teel says:

    I quite over a year ago, but my number 3 son has been trying to quit and these would be great for him. I think he would want the regular flavor.

  16. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I have been in the process of quitting for a month now. I smoked my last one about an hour ago, and hopefully it will be my last! I’d love to try the peach flavor.

  17. Iv been trying to quit for awhile I tried another brand smokeless it was just nasty friend let me try star with vanilla and have been wanting one since.

  18. Brandi Dawn says:

    I want to quit smoking because my Dad got sick. Anyways, its disgusting and expensive, lol. I would like to try the peach!

  19. I have been trying to quit for the past few months but I just cant seem to get over the hump. I would like the menthol ones.

  20. Yes, I would love to quit. I want to quit for my health. I would like to try the regular blend.

  21. Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d love to quit. It’s so expensive. :( I’d like to try the watermelon.

  22. Julie simpson says:

    I have decided I don’t want to go into another decade smelling like an ashtray and I just started dating after 8 years men want perfume not menthol

  23. Kristina A. says:

    Yes I would love to quit but I have to admit, I do really love to smoke — it’s so nasty, expensive and smelly but I love it the actual feeling! This would be a great compromise I think.

    I would want to try French Vanilla and Cherry Blast!

  24. Heather Forseth Grant says:

    I would like to win for my friend. She wants to quit, but is having a hard time. I think the appletini sounds yummy, but i’m guessing my friend would like the gourmet coffee!

  25. I would love to quit and the cherry sounds great.

  26. Tammy Warnick says:

    I would like to quit smoking…it is a bad habit and it smells bad I would like the try the menthol . Thank you

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