Stomp Rocket Review!

Entertaining boys can be expensive, dirty or difficult, but my nephews are usually easy to please. Isaac and Caleb helped me test out the Stomp Rocket on a breezy, but beautiful Saturday afternoon.

isaac stomp rocket 1

The boys, their parents and I had the joy of testing out the Ultra Stomp Rocket, Junior Glow Stomp Rocket and the Squeeze Rockets

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Ultra Stomp Rocket

Junior Glow Stomp Rocket

Junior Glow Stomp Rocket

Squeeze Rockets

Squeeze Rockets

Isaac and Caleb were ecstatic to open the box I unloaded and knew it was full of fun. Check out the video below of their excitement and notice how easy the Stomp Rocket is to use, even for a three-year-old!

Needless to say, the Stomp Rocket was a hit! Isaac was so proud of his rockets that he drug them to his grandparents house to show them off. The assembly was a breeze and within minutes we were stomping. I was surprised how easily Caleb was able to play with the rockets too, under close supervision. One thing to keep in mind is to tell your little ones not to stand over the rocket. I don’t think it would permanently harm you, but it sure as heck wouldn’t be pleasant.

The rockets flew so high and the extra windy day we had helped the Stomp Rocket exceed our expectations. These are so fun and would make a great day out with your kiddos.

Visit Stomp Rocket’s website to purchase and be sure to connect with them on Facebook, too.



  1. candess phillips says:

    What a great boy toy! Explosive without blowing up fingers… I liked that your nephews were different ages but could still both use this. A nice alternative to kites on a windy day.

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