Pinterest Stupidity #9

Dear sweet, innocent Pinterest users… you’re now under my verbal attack. I found a few little nuggets to laugh at today, so I thought I’d share.

The caption under this picture was “Baked Banana Chips! Toddlers love ‘em”. No… no, they don’t. You know what toddlers love? Candy, and lots of it. Don’t waste your time making this crap, just buy a bag of Twizzlers, they have zero fat and keep them chewing so there’s less crying. Terrible twos=solved.

banana chips

On deck we have this lovely lady showing off her annoyingly flat stomach. The caption and accompanying link instruct us how to get a flat stomach ourselves in only two weeks. Let me start by saying that I have more rolls than Lambert’s and it’ll take something along the lines of four plus years to flatten this shit out. Secondly, this method may or may not work for someone that is already a size 6. You can’t just wake up to a flat stomach… it takes hard work and dedication. (And blatant disrespect for all things yummy.)

2 week flat abs

I’m a pretty awesome aunt that is always looking for cool new things to bring my nephews but this death trap is NOT on the list. Let’s just say that we load this bad boy up with toys and one child rolls it into the other… disaster #1. Then, that same evil child number one stuffs child number two into the round toy box and convinces him it’s safe to roll down the stairs… disaster #2. Finally, who the hell want’s a rolling toy box?! It’s not like they actually keep their toys in there for very long, they’re usually strung around the house. Waste. Of. Money.

round toy box

Disclosure: The following images were really on my Pinterest feed. I did not randomly find images on the web. If you don’t agree with my humor, that’s just fine. I have fun laughing and making fun of the silliness. Don’t take life too seriously. I’m foul mouthed and hilarious. Live with it.


  1. jamiebraun says:

    omg, I love you. this made my day!

  2. *mumbles while tossing out banana chips* Twizzlers… why didn’t someone just say Twizlzlers before I wasted my day baking these dang things?!

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