Help Mom Cut with Ease Giveaway! Two Big Winners! Ends 4/30

Help your Mom Cut with Ease Mother’s Day Giveaway
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Win Two Amazing Prize Packages
Grand Prize
*Ergo Chef 4 Piece Pro Series Steak Knives 
*Guy Fieri Knuckle Sandwich Block Set
* Ergo Chef 9″ & 12″ DUO Tong Set

(ARV $392.00)

Second Place 
*Ergo Chef Pro Series 4 piece Steak Knife Set 
(ARV $160)
*Pictures and descriptions of prizes below*
My wife and I enjoy cooking for our family. Through the years it’s size has increased greatly, and the time to prepare meals for them all has increased as well. We both have arthritis in our wrists and dreaded having to chop, slice, dice various meats and vegetables and fruits. Those days are now behind us since we discovered Ergo Chef’s knives. It is now a pleasure
doing those tasks.
I have never experienced a knife that takes hardly no effort at all in preparing meals. Ergo Chef knives has brought back the joy of cooking back into our kitchen. I am very pleased to be able to bring you all a giveaway that I know will change they way the two winners will prepare and enjoy their meals..
As described above this giveaway will have two prize packages. The Grand Prize winner will win a knife package like none before. And the second place winner will also win a Ergo Chef steak knife set that they will enjoy for years to come. Below is a brief description on each of the knifes included within this giveaway. But you can hear it from a Master Chef yourself , in the video below..


You also can visit these products on Ergo Chef’s website by simply clicking on the picture. In addition to this giveaway Ergo Chef is offering all the readers of this giveaway a 12% Discount on all their products by simply adding the code BillElliott when you reach the checkout.
Good Luck to You All!
 4 Piece Pro Series Steak Knife Set

This Pro-Series 4 piece.Set is fully forged from the

best high carbon German steel (X50CrMoV15)

for durability & long edge life. The serrated edges

are super sharp and perfect for cutting any meat

chicken, pork & even vegetables. This set fits just

perfectly into our new 10 slot wooden block.Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship

Knife Care: We recommend to hand wash your good

knives & towel dry after each use

  Guy Fieri 4 Piece Knuckle Sandwich Block Set
The new four piece Knuckle Sandwich Block Set includes the incredible eight inch Chef Knife. This ergonomic Chef Knife is the workhorse in our kitchen and I am sure it will be in yours as well. Nicknamed the “Big Stick”
It is perfect for cutting large vegetables and fruits efficiently with it’s 18 degree precision sharp edge.The Cris-Cross crusher on end of  the handle can be used to smash nuts and garlic, ect.

2 Piece Pro Series 9″ & 12″ DUO Tongs



Constructed from heavy duty stainless steel; the
 the 12″ tong opens to 6″ wide and can lift  over
6 lbs. of food. Great for use in kitchen or on the
grill. The 9″ tong open to 4.5″ wide. The silicone
side is safe for non stick pans & heat resistant to
500 degrees F. The stainless steel side is great for
extra grip and use on aluminum or steel pans.
Ergonomic angled head is great for picking up
delicate foods with the silicone side. The slot in
the tong head easily drains liquids when boiling
or deep frying foods for no mess. Features a com-
fort non-slip grip & heavy duty spring for precise
control. Dishwasher Safe on top rack. Designed &
tested in USA by Ergo Chef, LLC.
A Special Thanks to our Sponsor
Ergo Chef!
Ergo Chef is kind enough to give our readers a 12% Discount from any item on their website by using this code at checkout: BillElliott 
This giveaway in in no way endorsed, associated, sponsored or paid for by Facebook.
This giveaway will begin on 4-1 12:00 AM and will end on 5-1 12:00 AM.

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Disclosure: Holiday Contest and Sweeps received samples of the above products to review for this giveaway. Holiday Contest and Sweeps did not receive any other type of compensation or monetary value for this giveaway. Ergo Chef will be responsible for awarding and shipping the prize packages to the winners. Aunt Maggie Rocks is not responsible for prize fulfillment.


  1. Carolyn Colley says:

    Wow, they can help decrease carpal tunnel symptom’s I have a hard time using a knife because of carpal tunnel and neuropathy.

  2. Ergonomic knives sound like a great investment, even for the hobby cook. I like how durable these are.

  3. they can help people who suffer from tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  4. Dorothy Teel says:

    These knives were designed by a chef who knew what repetive injuries to writst were from cutting, chopping and repetive movement so he designed knifes to help prevent these injuries. Would be great..

  5. Angela Yeremenko says:

    I love that they are made of one piece of high-carbon German steel.

  6. jean holland says:

    The knives are quality made from the precision sharp blade to the seamless molded handle. I like that it is perfectly balanced at the bolster radius for better control and less fatigue.

  7. Rebecca DeCamp Bryant says:

    I think they are the best because they help people with carpal tunnel problems and not only do I suffer but I know lots of people who have it also.

  8. I think they are good quality product of high carbon with a great price. They also help with health problems, I have arthritis and could really use this

  9. Seyma Shabbir says:

    15 piece battle station knuckle sandwhich set is the best! It has every knife!

  10. Sandra Phillips says:

    I think they’re the best because they’re ergonomically-designed.

  11. Jennifer Reed says:

    I think that the Ergo Chef line of knives are the best because the products features a combination of the best materials with a design that will hold up over time.

  12. Since a chef designed these knives he knows what will not harm the wrists and tendons over time. I’d like to win these for myself!

  13. I like they are ergonomically-designed knives plus if Guy Fieri prefers them, I know they must be great! :-)

  14. Vera Khule says:

    Ergo knives have a Patented Ergonomic Design Proven To Be A Natural Extension Of Your Hand Promoting More Efficient Cuts And Less Fatigue

  15. It is designed in a way to promote better cutting and less fatigue of the hand/wrist.. totally something I need!

  16. They were made to help deal with persistant motion issues. Sounds like they will be great for chopping all my apricots into jam!

  17. They are the best because they are sharp and can be used with people with hand problems such as arthritis !

  18. Gina Ferrell says:

    I think Ergo Chef Knives are the best because they can help decrease carpal tunnel symptom’s.

  19. Kayleen Considine says:

    I like the ergonomic style and they are SHARP!! A big plus for knives.

  20. I think the Ergo Chef knives are the best because they make cooking an experience and not a chore. The ergonomically correct handle and sharp blade make prep time a breeze with eeze. Thanks for sharing this review and giveaway with all of us~!

  21. June S. says:

    The knuckle sandwich knife set looks great.

  22. They are designed to be comfortable to use and sturdy.

  23. karlatrx says:

    They’re precision heat-treated for long edge life

  24. They are the best because they help people like my dad and sister who have carpel tunnel disease in their hands and wrists

  25. Melissa S says:

    Because they were developed by a chef to help with tendonitis symptoms he was suffering.

  26. I love that they are made with comfort in mind! And, they all look like amazing knives :) We just moved and don’t have any knives yet so this would be awesome to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. They are designed to be comfortable to use and prevent injury.

  28. Jessica Snow says:

    I like that they’re Patented Ergonomic Design on the Chef, Santoku & Bread knives – Proven comfort and less strain delivering easier more efficient cutting.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  29. I usually have such a hard time trying to cut meat and such and I think these would help so much.

  30. jeanette sheets says:

    i like they make people with carpal tunnel as i do easier to use and they are very durable

  31. sandra davis says:

    because they make chopping and dicing an experience and not a chore

  32. Edna Williams says:

    They are designed for people with persistent problems like tendonitis. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I think it would help cut with more force without as much effort.

  34. bethelderton says:

    These are designed by a chef and an engineer (brothers)to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. Awesome.
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  35. My mom will love them

  36. I like that they were designed by a chef and are comfortable to use.

  37. LAURA LANE says:


  38. I love that they are so sharp but mostly that they were designed by a chef.. so its made for constant use in a kitchen!

  39. made of one piece of high-carbon German steel and that is great quality.

  40. I like that they are designed by people who use knives everyday and the handle is made to be ergonomically correct.

  41. I like that they are one piece and durable

  42. They are ergonomically-designed.

  43. Georgia Beckman says:

    They are the best because of the 5 year warranty. If something goes wrong, they’ll replace it. If it lasts for 5 years, you’re going to have it for a long time.

  44. The user comfort with the highest quality craftsmanship

  45. The knives look wonderful, they made it more comfortable to use, and they have a lifetime warranty, that is great, thank you:)

  46. Nicole Bear says:

    I think they are the best because they are comfortable to use (ergonomic), especially if you are doing a lot of cutting.

  47. jessica hager says:

    They are the best because they have a lifetime warranty.

  48. Deborah Mireles says:

    My husband is a chef and if he says these are good knives then I believe him as he uses knives continuously in his daily work!

  49. I love that they are made to fit my hand comfortably for better ease of use and perfect slicing.

  50. they are the best because they were designed by a chef.


  52. Angela Cash says:

    I think they are the best because “The blade is taper ground with a full radius on the cutting edge. This creates the ideal rocking motion for smooth and efficient cuts. And since the blade’s not flat, you’ll avoid the extra strain caused by abrupt stops.”

  53. These knives are great because they are designed with high carbon German steel!

  54. The Ergo Chef knives are excellent due to being made out of one piece of steel, have details in the blade to prevent food sticking, and the handle has bacterial-controlling properties.

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