Pinterest Stupidity #8

Check out these little gems I found today…

Today we start with homemade PopTarts. If you have the time, energy and money to make these little treats go for it. However, us normal people will hit the cereal aisle and just pay $2 for a box when they’re on sale. Stupid ‘lil Betty Crocker wannabees. A side note, Betty Crocker forgot the damn icing… it’s the best part!!!!

homemade poptarts

The hussy featured  below is sampling a lovely chain link fence like dress from the Christain Gray collection! LOL.


The image below is the proper technique to give your dog the Heimlich maneuver. Umm… do I need to say anything more? LMAO! Okay, it’s wrong, I know. It’s something important to know but I can’t help it.

dog heimlich


  1. courtney hennagir says:

    hahahahaha!!!! oh man… *wipes tears* i love you!

  2. WOW! I am laughing sooo hard right now!

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