Tales from my Ovaries: Maybe baby…

Pregnancy is always a touchy subject for me since I’ve wanted my own little bundle of joy for such a long time. As I mentioned in my review of Conceive Easy, hubby and I have been trying to conceive for quite a while. That said… I shall speak from my ovaries. Or uterus. Or whatever. It’s comin’ from down yonder…

Warning: If you’re a man, you may want to stop reading. This might get too girly for ya, so if you want to bail, I understand. I plan on discussing my va-jay-jay, periods and breasts. You’ve been warned. Also, to my brother, please stop reading here. 

As of today, I’m officially two weeks late! I haven’t had a “cycle” since October 17 and although I’ve experienced a few symptoms, all of the home pregnancy tests I’ve taken are negative. When I say “all of the home pregnancy tests” I mean upwards of twenty. Yea. I’m obsessive. It’s driving me batty… I’m convinced I’m either pregnant or dying of some rare cooter-related disease.TTC Kit 300x250

I’m pretty sure nothing is wrong down yonder since I had a pap smear back in September that returned completely normal results. So I’m completely confused…

I’ve taken enough home tests for everyone to have negative party favors and those suckers are expensive. I’ve been nauseous for more than a week straight and my boobs are a little sore, although not much. I think my areolas are a little darker, but I’m not really sure… I don’t match them on paint swatches much.

I’ve finally decided that tomorrow I’m calling the doctor and having them do a blood draw. I don’t want to be featured on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and give birth in the back of a van. I’d like to be prepared… and let people pamper me. LOL!

So what do you think… Have you ever had anything like this happen? I need advice ladies!


  1. I have had this problem BUT I suffer from PCOS so that explains mine. I struggled to conceive for 5 years and FINALLY got pregnant not one but TWICE!

  2. Becky Bryant says:

    When you want to be pregnant, you can imagine all sorts of stuff going on. But some of your symptons sound legit to me and I have had three kids. Good luck to you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience. Good Luck!

  4. Betsy Barnes says:

    As a child, I overheard doctors telling my parents that I would never have children do to the many unknowns of my bone disorder. When I became older, I made the decision that I would never get married because of this and being raised Catholic, I felt I could not contribute to the human race by reproducing. When I dated, I always brought up I could not have children. Well, I met this great guy who said “no problem, we can adopt”. So, we were married. For five years, I went to many doctors to verify about carrying a child, only one said to try, but go into it understanding it probably will never happened. I was also obsessed, I really wanted to give my husband a boy, and it drove my family crazy. Well, it did occur, I became pregnant. This made me very happy and my family was scared for my life. December 3rd, my son will turn 20 years old. Yes, God does amazing things and changes your path to what he wants. I can related to what you are feeling. My husband was the calm one, telling me to relax. Twenty-four years later, I have learned to do that and just let things happen. Just keep positive and relax. The best advise to give you is keep strong and stay focused. I am keeping you in my prayers :)

  5. i would like to say i showed negative for over a month when i first became pregnant finaly went to the doctor and this was 27 years ago, even showed negative at the hospital the first time, second test was done and a week later i recieved a call , doctor said i was prego.:)

  6. Some women get a negative test result even when they’re pregnant. I hope the doctor has good news for you!

  7. Donna Cheatle says:

    Showing negative on a home pregnancy test is by no means a deal breaker. It could mean so many different things. Best bet is to take a deep breath and make the arrangements to get the blood tests done. Also be away that sometimes the blood tests don’t get it right either. If you come up negative, yet still have all the symptoms, it’s time to see your ob/gyn and have a pelvic exam to be sure

  8. I hope, as I write this, that you have had good news from the doctor. I had a situation like this with my second daughter. My husband and I had been trying for about 10 months, and I was getting so sad and depressed that we decided to just take a break from trying and relax. About 1 1/2 mos. later, I went to the doctor because I had a flu that would not go away. I felt like I was going to die. No energy, tired, sick to my stomach, cranky, etc. I told the doc that I was sure I had some sort of leukemia. He asked if I could be pregnant and I laughed and said no. He did a pregnancy test anyway and walked back into the room saying “You do not have leukemia, but you may continue to feel lousy for awhile because you are PREGNANT!!

    This happens to so many so often. I wish the very best for you, sweety! love & hugs <3

  9. Each time i’ve TTC i’ve gone through this, i guess the body just tenses up and there are problems conceiving. But i had negative tests and blood tests came back positive.

  10. Melissa R. says:

    Your symptoms sound legit. I knew I was pregnant before I took the test. The big thing for me was the breast soreness. For me it felt like I was standing outside shirtless in the middle of a blizzard. Good luck!

  11. chelesa sims says:

    my husband and i wanted a child ,it took us 5 years. He use to get mad saying “why arent you getting pregant” but he never considered several factors. At that time in my life I had a tragic situation happen in my life that i was healing from and not mention stress on top of that. Adjustment and other things . Good Luck. My best advice is to try to stop any time of stress in your life if you have any and follow your doctors reccomendations but hopefully you are already pregnant .

  12. that is wonderful

  13. Carla Bonesteel says:

    I don’t want to tell you my experience, because I don’t want to freak you out…but I do wish you the best of luck, and I hope you’re pregnant…we all know that home tests can be false negatives…so, GOOD LUCK!!

  14. Just an update… I did call the doctor yesterday. She said right now it could be that my periods are just jacked up OR that I’m pregnant. She suggested I wait two more weeks and if I’m still having the same symptoms to come in for a blood test. Needless to say, I’m not happy. I need to know. So for now, I’m relaxing and trying not to worry.

  15. Susan Johnson says:

    A jacked up period could easily be the issue. It doesn’t take much to upset your cycle, a common cold, or a significantly stressful experience could offset it by a week. If you have no other hormonally related symptoms, I would not worry. :)

  16. No I have not but my sister who is 4 months just did. Well little different she was still bleeding and found out she was with child, But everyone is different and sometimes tests will say your not when you are maybe you should have a blood test or wait hey say every 3 days your harmonies go up and to test with your fist morning pee try that. But I know whatever happens you wont be one of them mothers that didnt know you are already thinking you are or might be so soon you will have the answer

  17. mary blanton says:

    First, stop buying pregnancy tests or this kid is not going to get to go to college. Second, make a Dr.’s appointment. When I got preggers my boobs gave it away and the intense smell of EVERYTHING! I had a nose like a bloodhound! And my boobies hurt SO bad. I’m praying for you that you got a bun in your oven and your cooter is disease free. PLEASE KEEP US POSTED!

  18. Sometimes when you want to be pregnant as bad as you obviously do, you stress yourself out to a point where you don’t have a period. It is possible to skip periods because of stress. I do mean that to be plural. Until the stress goes away, the period will stay gone. Not saying that you aren’t pregnant, but it’s possible the test are correct. The best thing to do is see a doctor. No matter what they say, accept it. If they say you aren’t pregnant, relax and believe you aren’t because that’s when your period will probably start. I hope you are though!

  19. meegan whitford says:

    I wish you the best of luck. I cant say i know what you are going thru as I have never had a baby or was waiting to find out. Altho I am 37 and kind of wishing that I would have had a child it just hasnt been in the cards for me and im running out of time. Anyway best of luck to you!

  20. I have never given birth though I do have children. The lateness factor could be stress related. Just a thought. Best of luck on conceiving though! :)

  21. Christopher Wetmore says:

    Never having been pregnant, all I can say is take all the advice that says “relax”. Periods, as I found from my late wife, do their own thing.

    It’ll happen. Time will take it’s course.

  22. Terri Betz says:

    A negative home test is not always right! I know! See your care giver and good luck and blessings to you! Somethings up! :)

  23. April Skidgel says:

    LOL, I don’t think you will end up on “I didn’t know I was pregnant!” The best way to know for certain is a blood test. You can get false positives and false negatives so I wish you your hearts desire <3

  24. Peggy Bolling says:

    I hope and pray that you get your wish. I am 50 and never got to be a mother because of ovarian cysts. I cry all the time because I want a child so bad and I get so mad when I see all these women who hurt, give away and even kill their child because they didn’t want them and I always say I would have taken that child and loved and raised it as my own!

  25. When one really wants to be pregnant, we can miss periods,have sore boobs,feel sick and really not be pregnant BUT pregnancy tests can give FALSE negatives so I hope you get good news at the doctor!

  26. It’s never happened to me, but Dollar Tree sells pregnancy tests for a dollar, just in case you want to try a few more at home. Good luck…keeping my fingers crossed.

  27. Kathleen Hiskey says:

    Personally I had many pee tests come back negative and I knew I was pregnant, for me the only way I got confirmation was to have a blood test done and sure enough I was lol Sometimes when you have a yeast infection or a bladder infection(which you may not know you have) can affect the results of the test but the HGC Hormone is what they do the blood test for and if it’s elevated then that’s how they can tell ;) good luck on getting pregnant sweety :)

  28. Dorothy Boucher says:

    yes you can buy them at the dollar stores, also if you are pregnant , wait a couple more weeks before going to the dr’s , but sometimes when a woman wants to be pregnant so bad she will often get symptoms of actually being pregnant, i would relax and wait but do what makes you feel comfortable ;) i’ll keep you in my prayers

  29. I have four kiddos. On my first pregnancy I took like three test all saying negative, but I had the symptoms you are talking about so I waited a week or so and took another test and it faintly showed pregnant. I made and appointment with the doctor and it was confirmed. That stinks that you have to wait so long for the blood text to be done. If you haven’t gotten to get a blood test yet, go to a walk in / after hours clinic and get it done. But, my experience from family and friends who have had problems with fertility, stop trying and relax. (easier said than done i know) Once most of them Truly did this, guess what they got pregnant. Stress can do a lot to your body, hormones, periods, etc. Good luck and try and calm down. I will keep you in my prayers.

  30. Congratulation to you and your family. Fingers crossed and plenty of baby dust to you! After years of a horribly abusive marriage and a terrible divorce, I am remarried and new hubby and I are trying for a bundle of joy also… 2 years and still trying, so my sympathy and prayers go out to and for you! :)

  31. krista grandstaff says:

    I hope that you do make that appt for the blood work… home pregnancy tests are by no means fool proof… and never give up hope… you don’t have to obsess, that just makes your body fight itself…but hope can be a quiet flame inside :) I had cancer while I was pregnant with my third son…I was told I would never have any more children, and I was ok with that… I went to the doctor with an ear infection at the age of 30 ( who gets ear infections at 30?!!!) and was told that blood work would have to be done before I could get any meds.. I got a call that afternoon that I was pregnant…( and I am missing most of my bits and pieces from the cancer) So… the world works in mysterious ways…I have a 12 yr old Y2K daughter that was completely unexpected… I am hoping for you that you’ll get the answer that you have been waiting for!!!

  32. Michael Crowley says:

    I know from experience that pregnancy tests on the cheaper end can be highly inaccurate. Good idea to go to the doctor and have your U- and S-hcg levels checked. Higher hcg levels tells that you are pregnant.

  33. Susan S., TN says:

    I hope u r pregnant, but i know the mind can play tricks on u when u want something so bad. I hate that u r having so much trouble getting that baby u want. I hate to hear of these story because the 2 times we tried we got 2 beautiful boys. I will pray for u that this baby will come ur way..

  34. Cheryl DeGroat says:

    My daughter went through the almost the same as you. She has PCOS, she kept trying and ended up with triplets and then twins. I will keep you in my prayers.

  35. Good luck hun. Hope you find out if your are or not soon. The waiting to know is the hardest part. :)

  36. Good luck!! I wish you the best.

  37. Elizabeth W says:

    Wish you the best, good luck.

  38. My fear is just the opposite of your concern – so far I’ve been a bit too fertile. My first unexpected blessing came after a business trip and DH and I REALLY missed each other. Needless to say our timing for not thinking was off and we ended up with 4 months of puking and a baby after 9. After the birth of our second child (which took six months to conceive) my hormones were all over the place – missed periods (after 20 years of absolute regularity), spasms in my lady parts, sore breasts the whole deal, but no pregnancies. So, I’d just wait a few weeks if not a month longer before taking another 20 HPTs if I were you :P. It is possible you just skipped a period, but I hope you are preggers. Just a piece of advice – just enjoy “practicing” making a baby. When you take the stress out of the process it seems to just happen – I’ve had several friends and acquaintances who have had this happen. Once they “gave up” trying they got pregnant. Stress alters your pH among other things so just try to chill out and enjoy your hubby.

    • Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to relax and just go on as normal, but it’s always in the back of my mind. We had pretty much given up on trying, so I’m hoping that not worrying about it has helped. Counting days, charting and all that jazz was a pain… maybe it just happened because I wasn’t worrying. *SIGH* Still waiting and hoping!

  39. I had this problem too when I tried to conceive with my husband we tried for 3 months straight until we decided to give up. It was very upsetting because I wanted a little baby, my arms were yearning to have a baby. I knew everything was fine with down there, but ever since I had my first period I was not always regular so I thought that I could not have babies, I did not want to hear this from doctors because I knew it was going to destroy my heart into a million pieces. Then in early september of this year I could not stand the smell of food and I always nauseated. Since I had given up trying to conceive I thought I was dying of some rare disease, but my period was late. I didn’t wait and I don’t trust at home pregnancy tests, sometimes it’s sad when your hopes are up for nothing. My advice to you is to go to the doctors, they are more reliable and thanks to their tests I am now expecting a baby :D I am currently 20 weeks pregnant :)

  40. Sheri Marshall says:

    I do know someone who didn’t show up positive on blood or urine until she was 20 weeks pregnant. Crazy I know! Good luck!

  41. Lucy Cober says:

    I’ve had this but suffered from endomitriosis

  42. Chrystal Limon says:

    I havenever had this happen to me. I am breast feeding my 10 month old. I don’t get periods because of it. I’m afraid I’m going to be on the show I didn’t know I was preganat too. I take tests every few months to make sure. Good luck to you and I hope all is well

  43. Samantha Meyer says:

    Thanks for the post – I was diagnosed with estranged chromosomes when I was abut 17 (my parents had 10 miscarriages before me, and my dad has the same issue, I am carrying it) but no matter what, I have hope that someday it will happen!


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