Pinterest Stupidity #7

With firearm season opening this Saturday for deer hunting, I dedicate this first stupid ass Pinterest pin to my husband.

This 8-point buck is an “abomination” according to my dear honey.

In my rebuttal I asked, “But isn’t he pretty?”

“No… (pointing to his dead deer on the wall) THAT is pretty. It’s real. It’s manly.” After further conversation we decided it was either carved out of Zest soap remnants or pooped out by a fairy.

This Fifty Shades of Grey shit needs to stop. I read the first book and I hated it… It made me feel dirty. Since I’m really not into voyeurism, it wasn’t my cup of tea. And don’t be hatin’… it’s my opinion. I won’t be reading books two or three, I feel I’ve had enough of Ana, Christian and their “red room of pain”. Enough already… have you searched all the crap they have on Etsy, eBay or Google for Fifty Shades of Grey? It’s ridiculous! They have hotel specials, porn kits, t-shirts, baby onesies, bracelets and all kinds of crap. It’s crazy… I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these pants.

 Although my mailman is a bastard, I won’t inflict the following headache on the nice postmasters out there in the world. Whoever thought this was a good idea must have forgot to fasten their chinstrap. Do not put these in the mail like this! Yea, it’s cute and fancy, but can you imagine being the person sorting this shit? I’d sort it right into the damn trash can. Have the common decency to stick it inside of another envelope or hand them out in person. ORRRR, just address your Christmas cards like normal people.

Disclosure: The following images were really on my Pinterest feed. I did not randomly find images on the web. If you don’t agree with my humor, that’s just fine. I have fun laughing and making fun of some the silliness. Don’t take life too seriously. I’m foul mouthed and hilarious. Live with it.


  1. interesting article.

  2. Dorothy Boucher says:

    wow there is a lot going on here, i don’t like dead animal on my wall, don’t care about that book either, and if your an adult an need to mail a letter , well write proper if you can’t go bk to school…LOLL

  3. LMAO!!! Love it!

  4. hahahhahaaha Pintrest is so odd at times….ok not Pinterest – People, people are odd at times

  5. Hahahahaha. Still laughing. Love the deer.

  6. Love you lady, you ROCK!! I can’t stop laughing

  7. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    Haha “forgot to fasten their chinstrap” love it.

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