Pinterest Stupidity #5

Some days I wonder what kind of weirdos I’ve randomly followed on Pinterest. Or, what what my friends are drinking when they’re pinning some of the stupidest shit I’ve seen. Today’s installment will feature poo, stupid shoes, weirdo Photoshopping and more. Intrigued, aren’t ya?!

We begin with this random, extremely fugly shoe. I reckon if you want to break your neck quickly or scare any single fellas away, this is the way to go. I don’t understand why my fellow women think they need to torture themselves! These aren’t even freakin’ cute!

Next up is some sort of hybrid hottie that went wrong. Seriously wrong. Some nerd spent a few minutes delicately placing Mr. Einstein’s head on this sweet, sweet piece of man meat and completely ruined my Pinterest feed. I had to click on it… I mean really, it’s hot Einstein. Would’a thunk it?! Oh and let’s not forget that they gave him the Snookie spray tan to add to the weirdness.

When it comes to poop, I’ve seen it all. Big poop, little poop, running poop, hard poop. Too much info, I know. I saw this supposed ice cream as I was scrolling my feed and had to do a double take. Maybe it’s blackberry ice cream, or MAYBE someone had too many gummy bears. Purplish diarrhea?!

What the French Toast is this?! According to the pin it’s some sort of seasoned and grilled corn on the cob but I’m thinking it’s rotten. And then grilled. But it’s definitely rotten. If I went to a cookout and this crap was thrown on my plate, I’d leave because my friends were trying to poison me with rotten corn on da cob. Hmpf… people, people, people. JUST USE BUTTER. It’s golden deliciousness can be melted and smothered on your cobs to make you and your kiddos smile. It may take a few days off your life, but damnit it’s good! And now, check out the nasty ass corn:

Disclosure: The following images were really on my Pinterest feed. I did not randomly find images on the web. If you don’t agree with my humor, that’s juts fine. I have fun laughing and making fun of some the silliness. Don’t take life too seriously. I’m foul mouthed and hilarious. Live with it.


  1. I’m on Pinterest too….:D

  2. courtney hennagir says:

    hahahahahaha!! oh man,that’s some funny (and horrifying) stuff!

  3. Woman, you crack me up! I was waiting for this and the minute I saw it on my Triberr feed, I cam right over.

  4. Tina Tuttle says:

    I am laughing so hard – it hurts!

  5. Carrie Phelps says:

    You crack me up, thanks … I was in need of a good laugh. I’ll never look at Pinterest the same again …

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