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If there ever was a shitty weekend, this one would be a prime example. I was having a great Friday when all hell broke loose at work…

My close friend Andy texted me at work around 3pm to ask me if I’d see the current warrant list from the local sheriff’s department. Of course, I hadn’t. Before I could reply, he sent another text that says “Didn’t know if you knew, but R has a warrant out for his arrest.” (R being my husband). I immediately panicked and replied with a simple WHAT?!

Fifteen minutes later I had hung up the phone with Andy and had seen the warrant list. Sure enough, R’s name was there with our address and a reason stating “Writ of Attachment”. WTF. I grabbed the office phone and called over to the sheriff’s department to talk to a long time friend that worked in the office. She was able to pull the file and tell me the writ of attachment was for an unpaid medical bill.

Here’s the thing folks… Me and R are poor. Seriously, we are. I love my job and what I do, but it’ll never pay enough to make us rich. That combined with R’s recent layoff from work things have been really tight. So needless to say, I knew the writ wasn’t a mistake. But really? You issue a warrant for a damn medical bill that’s $289?? Ugh…

My friend told me what I needed to do and I left work a few minutes early, mostly because I was upset. I had to get this taken care of ASAP before I had a nervous breakdown. Have you ever had such shocking and upsetting news that you felt like someone put a hot iron on your neck and upper back? It was the strangest feeling. I used to get that all the time when I had my panic attacks, but haven’t had one in a long time because of my lovely medication.

I got to the car, called my best friend Tracey and cried and talked things through. Pretty much I knew what I had to do. Dip into my vacation fund and get $500 cash. Send R to the sheriff’s department to turn himself in and “make bail”. Ugh, this was all so much like a dream.

I made it home unscathed even though I’m sure my driving was erratic with tears streaming down my face. Tracey helped calm me down and I was ready to reveal all of this to R when I got home. Yea… I called my BFF before I told my husband he has a warrant for his arrest. I needed to calm down so he didn’t think I was going to freak out or anything.

He took it well and pretty much wanted to know what he had to do to get it taken care of. I sent him to the sheriff’s department with $500 and my dad to ride along. (Plus, I figured if they decided to keep him for some strange reason at least Dad could call me to bring extra money or something.) I couldn’t make myself go, I was too upset. Paying the bills is my job… It’s just that we haven’t had the money. I figured they’d garnish his wages and it’d be said and done for. Yes, I’m an idiot.

R made it home about an hour later, freshly patted down and fingerprinted. He presented a receipt for the $500 bail and a court date to see the judge to finalize everything. Sadly, the court date is when I’ll be out of town, so I think my dad is going to accompany him on the quest to freedom.

Overall, it was a traumatic experience… I learned such a valuable lesson and I’m pretty sure I’m scarred for life. This my dears… is why I’m an idiot. Two days later I’m still shaky about it and I’d love to just forget about the entire ordeal. It sucks that my vacation starts in four days and I’ll have this on my mind but I’ll survive. Tracey will be here on Saturday and we leave for Disney on the 29th. Life is good… just stressful.

Until next time, I leave you with love and handcuffs…

Daily Pinterest Stupidity

Happy Hump Day y’all! Hope these give you a chuckle…

What the hell is wrong with you people? Really? You took the time to make this stupid ass game when you could have been sitting around drinking beer and shootin’ the shit. Jesus, it’s a giant version of a child’s game. Actually, you know what… maybe these people were drunk when they said heyyyyyy, let’s put some balls in a wire cage wiff some sticks! LOL

Does this qualify as porn? It makes me feel dirty. Damn whorish outfit. Her snatch will be flapping in the wind if that “dress” sways the wrong way. Whore.

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Daily Pinterest Stupidity

I love finding stupid things and stupid people on Pinterest! Sadly, I find so many more than what I post… I could fill up an entire pickle jar with the craziness. Here’s a few of today’s favorites…

Nooooooooooooo! That’s just a waste of good freakin’ crayons! You can tell they’re not used, old or anything! I may cry…. you just don’t destroy good crayons people.

What is it with girls trying to break their damn ankles?! And if you’re gonna do it, Jesus pick something cute. These are hideous! I can’t imagine paying for this shit.

And then there was this douche. Take a look at those implants sitting there. They look like hunks of ice or something hard and plastic. I don’t think they’d move if you shifted your body. God forbid someone punch you in the gut, they’d probably slam into your kidney and bust it up. Then the final picture in the collage looks totally stupid. Stupid. Stupid. They don’t even look real. Go to the gym dude and you can grow your own six-pack. OR buy one of those shirts that just has them painted on. You know, the ones you see fat guys wearing at the beach? Sexy!

A happy Monday…

Mondays never seem to go the way I like, but it only takes a single thing to make me happy. Seeing the faces of my beautiful nephews and them wrapping their arms around me saying “Hi Aunt Maggie!!” makes any day the best. Love those boys!

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Daily Pinterest Stupidity

I’m pretty sure way too many people waste time on Pinterest. It’s not just me… At least I don’t pin stupid shit. The following examples fall into my stupid category…

Introducing, I Love You Brass Knuckles! Who would wear these stupid ass things? If you did you’d basically be gluing two fingers together and how on earth could that be comfortable. Plus, they looking fucking stupid. Give it up.

Alright hipsters… I know you’re all into guys wearing skinny jeans, having Beiber hair and smoking reefer, but come on!  I’ll give you your Beiber hair and reefer, but give up the stupid ass pants. The shorts shown below are almost as bad as skinny jeans. They’re not attractive. Never have I seen a man wearing shorts similar to these and thought… “Whew… he’s a stud, let me hit that!” Stupid.

I do not wear heels. I’m not a girly girl and I chose not to wear these sorts of things because I don’t want to break a damn ankle. Plus, how can these be comfortable? To top it off, they’re freakin’ fugly. Lord knows the people wearing these would have perfectly manicured toes and those hideous flowers would just cover them up. Also, I hope you only plan on walking on clouds or something really fucking clean because those will get dirty in a heartbeat. Stupid.